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Play Video Games and Get Paid For It

Wouldn’t it be great if you could play Video Games and get paid to do it?

There are ways to turn your gaming into cash and get paid to play games at home. Here are a few ways to get you started.

Becoming a Video Game Tester:

If Your thinking of testing games for money, in itself a decent job, one that requires you to have a sharp eye and descent writing skills. These opportunities are ways to actually get paid to play video games at home, doing what you’re already doing, but with a little cash reward at the end of the game.


There are ways to make money entering online gaming contests. You can compete with your fellow scrabble players or compete in tournaments via your favorite online games. The opportunities are abundant, but the key is that you can actually get paid to play video games at home.

Game Reviews

If you’re playing the games anyway, why not write about them? Video game reviews are everywhere on the internet. Everyone writes them, but you can actually turn them into money if you know where the resources on the internet are,

Video gaming is a great pastime. It’s relaxing, it’s entertaining and it can be involving. For a few out there it can even be rewarding, allowing you to play video games at home and get paid for it. There are plenty of words to be written about video games and plenty of venues to sell those words to. To truly realize your goal of money making through video games, get out and take a look.

The 3 requirements you need to BECOME a game tester are:

  • You should be 15 or older in order to get paid for the gaming and testing.
  • You need either a computer you already play games on – or a console you’ll prefer playing games on (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, etc).
  • You gotta love video games. That’s an obvious one!

You don”t need a degree in marketing or design to do this! Heck, you don’t even need to finish high school. Here’s a list of commonly asked questions you’re asked when you fill out your “work assignment sheet”. I’ll let you decide if these if you think these questions are tough.

  • What did you think of the main game menu? (if you liked the overall appearance, if it was easy to navigate, to enter and exit different modes, etc..)
  • How did you like Single-Player Campaign mode? What were your most and least favourite parts of the gameplay?
  • How did you like the multi-player mode? What were your favourite and least favourite game modes/features of the lobbies? Is there anything you’d change to make it easier/more comfortable to use?
  • What was your preferred mode – single-player or multi-player mode?
  • Are there any outstanding bugs/glitches you noticed?
  • What age group do you believe this game will appeal BEST to?
  • Overall, How did the game perform? (storyline, playability, graphics, replay value, etc…)
  • If there was anything you could add to the game to improve it (more zombies, more weapons, etc) – what would it be?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rank the game overall?

Download Free Full PSP Video Games And More

PSP video game has been launched in the market over a couple of years now. If you ask anyone, who owns PSP can tell you how it’s so expensive to buy movies, games & music for it. There are now many web sites that offer PSP media to download at discounted price.

When it comes to decide which site to use for downloading media, you have to consider several things.

There are some website that offers free service to download PSP media but there downloads speed is very slow & they are not reliable. Then some of the freebie web sites beside being slow, offer free media to download has a lot of viruses and spyware in their files which can slow down your computer system.

Then there are many other web sites maintain their PSP media data base you can download games, movies, music & much more without getting spyware or ad-aware. But they charge you one time small fee which gives you access to millions of files and you can download unlimited media.

With paid sites you can get your hands onto latest PSP games, movies, music, wallpapers, themes and much more without pay per download fees. These paid sites also give you special software which you can use to transfer downloaded data onto your PSP without any complications.

There is no question that to get the most out of your video game, you need to find
a top paid site that gives you unlimited PSP files downloads all for a small fee in the long run this will give you all the content you want for your game and save you money in the long run.

Fighting Boredom Through Free Online Games and Other Fun Activities

Boredom is seeping in so you need to do something fun before you waste your precious time – ASAP. So what can you do? Try free online games and these other activities that will surely get you out of boredom.

Free online games

Computer desktop games can be very costly nowadays since they all require installers that you still have to buy from the store. But with the rise of technology, free games have already been made available in the internet. When you go to your favorite search engine, it’s always easy to search for websites that offer these online games such as,,, and Since there is no installation time needed for you to start off, all you’ll have to do is to log on to your computer and visit these sites. Through these games, you can still have fun even when you’re all alone.

Online games can entertain you in different ways. Some will come in the form of the all-time favorite arcade game. There are also those that are in a flash format such as the ones found in Choose according to your liking from action and adventure, puzzle, console games, and the classic family computer games such as the Super Mario Brothers and Super Sonic. The whole experience gets even better, as you can chat with your buddies by just simply signing up and becoming a member.


Your hobbies are your easiest savior from boredom. If you don’t feel like surfing the internet, turn to your hobbies that can probably include reading books, painting, playing musical instruments, or even cooking. Not only are you able to hone your skills further but you have also just used your time in productive ways. But if you don’t have a particular hobby, learn a new skill that you might just spend your time on should boredom seep in again next time.

Rearrange your room

If you don’t have anything to do, it’s probably the best time to rearrange your room and have a different feel once and for all. Boredom is often an effect of things becoming monotonous already. Rearrange your room and express your creativity. This way, you’ll be able to use your time wisely and enjoy a new environment.

Go for a walk

When you are bored and the weather is fine, try getting some fresh air outside your house. Get into your walking shoes and go for a walk around the neighborhood so you can have a fun relaxation time. You can always bring your pet dog with you to have a more precious leisure time.

Hang-out with another bored friend

Who else will understand what you are feeling right now? Surely, only another bored friend can. Call up someone and think of something that you can do to fight boredom and have fun together. Some company will surely be a great idea since just a plain chitchat can already shake the blues away. But to really have a more enjoyable moment with your friend, you can try out the things mentioned above. This will surely be another bonding moment for you and your friend.