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What You Want From Flight Simulator Computer Games (and What You Get)

Are you looking for flight simulator computer games? If so, you need to decide what you want out of the flight simulator game first. Do you want to experience realistically the challenge and adventure of flying?

Or do you want to learn to fly using a tool similar to those used by learner pilots for training and experienced pilots for practice or for checking routes and airports? Do you want to do combat? Are you looking for something to play with your children?

There is so much demand for flight simulator computer games now you can easily find something excellent for less than three figures. Many younger players have been inspired by these games; some to become pilots, some to a career in aircraft design because of the capability some open source games have for redesigning aircraft.

Flight simulator games are used for professional and educational purposes as well as entertainment. They are safe and easy to handle. Whatever your purpose, there is a game out there.

Good flight simulator computer games include many different types of aircraft. You can choose from planes to gliders to helicopters. The range will also go from vintage – e.g. the original Wright Flyer – to modern commercial and military jets of all nationalities. You will also get all the information you ever wanted on any of the aircraft.

There will be various flights and missions to try out but you should also be able to create your own scenarios, which gives you an almost unlimited variation of experiences you will be able to simulate. And, of course, you will learn how different aircraft handle. Light aircraft like Cessnas will be much more immediately responsive than the larger craft like 747s, which have lags in response you need to get accustomed to.

Flight simulator computer games give you a virtual experience of everything which a pilot comes across during a real flight. You will be able to choose any significantly sized airport in the world, including your own local one.

Approach lighting and markings on the runways will be correct and airport lighting will change in intensity as your position changes relative to it. If a runway changes elevation in real life it will do so in the game as well. In some airports, for instance, you need to deal with a slope while waiting for take-off.

You can make flying conditions as realistic or as dangerous as you wish in good flight simulator computer games. A good game can calculate your nearest airport and calculate the current weather conditions using parameters like temperature, dew point, pressure density, wind (three dimensional), and visibility. And you will see the weather change with your position whether you are over the North Pole or the Equator.

If you want to test yourself you can also program in weather conditions for your flight such as hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, high winds, torrential rains, etc. and see how you do. You can also program in technical problems and failures, see the instruments and systems failing as they would in a real-world situation, and experience the slowly growing stress and anxiety that pilots do in emergency scenarios.

There are all kinds of software out there. You just need to decide what works best for you.

Can I Set Limits On Tv And Computer Time For My Kids?

Yes you can.

Creating a safe and healthy structure for kids to grow up in is one of your most important roles as a parent.

Creating boundaries, setting limits is a normal part of that.
You won’t let a three year old wander on the train tracks or use a chainsaw. It sounds absurd, but it is really what you do all the time. You create a safe and healthy place for them to grow up in.
TV and computer time is part of that.

Many parents have trouble with setting boundaries when kids grow up, become more vocal, offer more “but they can more” examples.
Parents are tired of constant arguing, and often don’t know what is good for their kids anymore.
Setting boundaries your kids need to work with is just fine.
You will hear me say this many times: you will fight at the boundaries you set.
They will challenge you, it is what they do, to experiment, to learn.
You can set the boundary right at where you will be triggered to explode, where they wouldn’t be safe or healthy when they cross it.
They will challenge you and it will trigger things you don’t want.
You can also set boundaries a long way before that. Where crossing the boundary doesn’t mean you’ll be angry, or they could get hurt or risk their health.
They will challenge you there just as much!

A child will challenge you at the store for candy, at home for pocket money, for tv time, for computer time. And much more.
A teen will challenge clothing restrictions, curfews, (cell) phone use, alcohol, drugs and yes tv and computer time. And much more.

As this article is about TV and computer time: why and how can you set boundaries?
Because your kids need to see more than a square box, sitting still and without burning the calories they need to. TV and computer time are also filled with programs, games that are aimed at their wallet, more than their education. They are addictive and reduce the ability to concentrate, focus, as it is all a blast of images, messages.
So setting a limit on that is absolutely ok.

Yes, they are in peer groups that watch, play.
So, they will challenge the boundaries you set.
There are always those “but they can more” kids out there, imaginary or not.
It is where your values, your ideas about what is good, right, wrong, healthy, or not, come in.
And they need you to give them those guidelines.
It is how they figure life out, through you, their parents.
And playing with crossing those boundaries, staying within, feeling out what they think fits them.

How you can set boundaries, limits and have fun.

1. Set boundaries pro-actively, explaining why and sticking to the rules consistently, with only exceptional exceptions. When kids know the rules beforehand and why, it is easier to accept them. And they become part of the routine instead of daily battle grounds where everything is up for grabs. Which is exhausting for you and for them. Let them explain why they do want to, listen well. They need to be heard. That is often enough. You don’t have to agree with them. Being listened to is huge for kids and teens, whether they show that or not.

2. Combine setting a boundary with proposing an activity with you (works more often for younger kids)
They will enjoy that activity often more than the extra time on the computer or in front of the TV. Let them tape programs “for tomorrow” if it is so important. They will often forget about those.
Think about what works for them and what you would enjoy too.

3. If they want to play games, watch TV of which you are “not so sure”, you can sit with them and discuss what they like about it. If you don’t agree with the game or program content, simply explain that without getting angry or defensive. Why you think or feel it is not good for them. And why you set the boundary. Offer to help them find, get access to other programs, games that you are OK with.
Explain that peers often boast, and learn behaviors from those programs and games that are not OK for you and for them. “It is not who we are as a family, how we see being with others.”

Kids don’t need TVs or computers in their rooms.
Internet safety is hugely improved when you have the computer in a common room, where you can casually look at what they are doing. The same with TV. It improves your awareness of what is on and going on.
And makes it easier to live up to the rule, the boundary you have set.
And when they challenge you?
“It is not about me trusting you or not. It is about what people try to do that I sadly don’t trust. And it is my job to protect you from them.”

And yes, setting limits, creating a safe environment with boundaries like that is more than fine, it is excellent.

Burn Nintendo Wii Games – Backup Your Wii Games and Save Your Money

Nintendo Wii games are precious in value and content. The high quality graphics of the Wii games are simply amazing. The Wii game discs are costly as compared to Xbox or PS3 games. The pricey game discs have compelled the Wii gaming console owners to backup their original games. That is why, it is insane on the gamer’s part to spend twice on a single game.

Since the game discs are fragile, it is inevitable that they are subjected to damage one day due to the overuse. That is why it becomes essential to backup the game disc. But this cannot be done using your usual CD or DVD burning software. It requires a special game copying software that you need to purchase. Some people prefer to fix the scratched game discs rather than spending $30 on the game copying software. They run behind the fixing methods like banana trick and alcohol trick. Rubbing banana or wiping alcohol on the scratched discs is not an ideal method to fix the game discs. In fact, I would say that once the game disc has got scratched, it is far from fixing. In stead of pursuing such silly methods, it is wise to spend some amount on the game copying software and go on making backup of your favorite game discs.

Making backup of your favorite game discs is not difficult at all. What you need is install a game copying software, a bunch of blank DVDs and your own original game disc that you are willing to burn. The burning process is not lengthy, if your computer is newer and faster. It will take few minutes to burn a DVD and make a backup copy in no time.

The burning process is quite simple. Firstly, load the Wii game disc in your computer that you want to make the copy. Secondly, start the game copying software. It will decrypt all the data of your game disc onto the computer. Then the software will prompt you to load a blank disc. The last thing is it will make an exact duplicate copy of the original Wii game.

Thus, you can save your money by backing up your original game discs. The condition is you should purchase the game copying software. That is the legal and royal way to backup your favorite Nintendo Wii games.