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Play Bubble Games and Discover New Challenges

Our story begins with my last visit on Halloween at my parents house. My family was sitting at the table, except my father, that was gone, I asked my mother where is he and she gave me a weird look, I headed to the room and there he was, staring at the computer, a 58 year old man glued to the screen. He didn’t say hello or responded to my presence, I came closer to the screen and then I saw it- Bubbles, lots of colored bubbles, my father became another line in the statistics- Bubble games fanatic.

How did this all begin? Surprisingly, bubble shooter was originally developed for Microsoft Company as a clone of the classic Puzzle Bobble title, the 90′s arcade game, little they knew that their creation will become one of the most played games ever on the web.

The game target is removing all bubbles from the screen by shooting them with a bubble of the same color.

When you create a group of three or more from the same color, they fade away, as you complete the stage you will encounter the bubble fireworks effect.

As time went by,many users joined the bubble shooter games,playing and getting hooked by it’s simple, yet addicting gameplay. Some play to eliminate the bubbles in the fastest time and some try to reaching high scores.

I’m always surprised to discover so many ways are made to play this fun game, but like the old phrase goes, you can’t argue with success.

The success of bubble shooter, lured clones to try and recreate the game’s success, and are widely available on many online sites, you can find animal bubble games, themed bubbles games and of course the perfect brand mix- Obama bubbles game, how cool is that?

Now you must ask yourself, where can I find those games?

Well, it’s very easy, just Google the keywords bubble shooter, bubble games or bubbles games, anyone of these words will allow you to enjoy many sites that supply the fun addicting game play equipped with many bubbles, it’s a world full of bubbles, so why not joining it?

Acid Attack While Playing TV and Computer Games

Why video gaming can be bad for your dental health

Parents have been complaining for years that their children are stuck in front of a monitor all day playing video games instead of being outside playing sports. As we all know, our health can be improved if we engage in regular physical activity.

Spending hours in front of a gaming console or PC monitor will not lead to any improvement in your physical health. It is, according to a recent survey, even worse. The study suggests that the snacking which so often accompanies video gaming and results in weight problems can also lead to poor oral health.

Those who play sports are half as likely to develop tooth decay as those who sit in front of a gaming console. This is a topic of grave concern to dental insurance providers who often actively encourage the general public to participate more fully in both physical and dental health activities.

The research suggests that teenagers who spend most of their time gaming are more likely to consume foods and snacks with higher levels of sugar. Obesity and possibly diabetes are not the only consequences of this practice; tooth decay is also likely.

The popularity of online games and in-home gaming systems is not confined to youngsters; adults love them too. Many become so involved and obsessed with their chosen games that they do not have time for the more mundane things in life such as basic personal hygiene and oral care. The Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter, says that this study has revealed previously unknown correlations between gamers’ dietary habits and the subsequent risk of tooth decay. He went on to highlight how important a stable diet was to maintain good oral health.

Gamers are under acid attack

Habitual gamers spend hours in front of the gaming consoles surrounded by bottles of fizzy drinks and bags of snacks on which they are continually snacking. The foods they are eating are attacking their teeth at the same time as they are attacking their video opponents.

The amount of sugars and preservatives is higher in snack foods. Sugars can keep teeth under acid attack for up to an hour after consuming the snack. The amount of bacteria responsible for attacking the teeth and gums will be increased by the reaction between sugars and plaque.

Foods containing acids can do just as much harm. A packet of salt and vinegar crisps can do as much harm to the gums and teeth, if not more, than sugary foods. The acids in the snacks attack the enamel surface of the teeth making them soft and vulnerable to attack.

Parents’ rules must prevail.

The study focused on teenagers between the ages of 12 and 16. It suggested that those youngsters who snacked whilst playing games or watching TV were more likely to suffer tooth decay and gum disease than those who avoided snacking.

Those children who were under parental control in regard to snacking while watching TV or just snacking were 30% less likely to have major tooth and gum problems.

Eating regular meals is far healthier than having several snacking sessions throughout the day, not so much for the food value, although a correct diet is healthier, but because of the amount of sugar and acid that remains in the mouth and is constantly in contact with teeth and gums.

Healthy teeth and gums in your children can be achieved by making sure they eat the right food at the right times.

If you want to keep your natural teeth looking good, you should eat sensibly, pay attention to your oral hygiene, and visit your dentist regularly. Dental checkups are complete within a half hour and are very inexpensive. You can even get your dental health insurance plan to cover a check-up or oral hygiene visit and really put a smile on your face.

Internet Games and Your Child’s Intelligence

Young people and computer games are seldom seen apart these days; often some parents experience times when a child would have a temper fit and cry their lungs out just to get to play their game even for five minutes more. This is an issue that an increasing amount of parents are finding difficulty with and in that sense, parents can also be informed, so to speak, about the different opportunities that online gaming can offer to their children.

It is true that there are some games in the Internet that can encourage hostility and aggressiveness in children. But parents shouldn’t shun the internet just because of this fact. Just like much in life, there is a bad and a positive side to things. There are also games that can increase a child’s IQ and stimulate mental and thinking ability. Research says that children exposed to computer games conducive to learning actually have a better attention span and concentrate better on their studies and in school participation, strengthening the child’s natural talents and abilities.

Games that require a child to critically think and plan out strategies in games can be a deciding factor for their development. Online games like Tetris, Backgammon and other strategy games can help the child think and plan on how to approach certain situations, where they may be able to apply them in real life.

Games that require a child to use memory and logical thinking are also present in the internet; memory blocks and color determination are some games that improve this aspect of children’s thinking abilities. There are also games based on language and word play, such as Scrabble, Literati and Lexulous, which would greatly help improve your child’s English vocabulary skills and also his ability to form a strategy for the game.

There are online games that will also train your child’s mental alertness such as adventure and role playing games. These games come with a story, and would hone your child’s alertness. There are also online games which are based on genuine board games such as Chess, Checkers and many more.

As said before, some games will not be suitable for children because it may contain harsh or foul words, so it is the challenge to parents that they monitor the games that their children play in order for them to benefit from online games.

It can be even better when parents actively join in with their children on these Internet games. After all, this kind of activity would mean better understanding for children and they will be monitored to ensure that the content of the what they are playing would be seen by the parents.

Although online gaming can be of benefit to your child, parents should continue to remember that a child also needs to socialize with other children for them to develop other life skills. Internet games can enhance mental activity and mental capacity but these games can also become a source for unwanted behavior. This is why it is extremely important to make time for outdoor activities for children in order for them to become healthy and happy, giving time for academics and physical exercise.