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How to Copy Computer Games and Play Them Without a Mod Chip

In this article I will be discussing what you will need and what you won’t need to copy Xbox 360 games. This method applies to all video game consoles that use compact disks to play their games with.

I was going to describe a method of game copying that involves soldering another piece of hardware to your console system which is commonly called a modulation chip, or mod chip for short but there’s a better way to make backups of your favourite games and here I will list why I think using a system that doesn’t involve a modulation chip is better.

Mod chips are usually very expensive and even though they will save you money in the long run it’s really hard to justify their hefty price tag. Modulation chips are also hard to fit to your computer and you will need expert knowledge in the field to be able to correctly fit one, after all if you mess this part up you will have a computer system that fails to play computer games and that is not acceptable.

So forget adding chips to your game console, or even taking your system apart because to copy computer games you no longer need a degree in Engineering you simply need a desktop computer or a laptop that has the ability to copy disks. You will also need a blank disk, the original Xbox 360 game and a step by step tutorial with special software which allows the game to be copied in the first place.

What I did to copy my video games and play them without a mod chip was firstly to install special software that allows you to break copyright protection don’t worry this is perfectly legal if you’re the owner of the game, next insert the original Xbox 360 game and then you simply wait for the program to tell you to insert the blank disk and it will copy the game onto the blank disk with ease.

Video Games and Prejudiced Stereotypes

I enjoy playing computer games and video games, although I am not a teenager, and even further from being a child – yet according to many people, I am highly likely to be a violent, irresponsible, society hating thug with no concern for the welfare of other people or the environment, and with a high chance of ending up either dead or in jail. Surprisingly, I am none of the above, and am actually a perfectly sane, perfectly sociable, intelligent professional who does a great deal for charity and has a family and two dogs. Statistics – they’re always guaranteed to be wrong 67% of the time. Like that one.

The thing is, it is very easy for people to jump on to a popular bandwagon and assume that anyone who has a fascination with, or simple enjoyment of, computer games or video games which involve one character or characters killing or conquering another, must have an unhealthy tendency towards violence and that this will become so ingrained within their psyche that, sooner or later, they’re going to lurch down the street armed with a machete, an evil grin and a blood stained hooded anorak.

In fact, not only is violent crime decreasing quite considerably and quite quickly, but at the same time, the number of video games available, and the number being bought and presumably played, is increasing. How does that work out then? If the use of the games is on the increase, it would follow, according to popular assumption and argument, that violent crime should also increase.

The problem is, that time and again it has been shown that playing video games or computer games does no more harm to you than watching television or reading books. The real issues and problems with any social makeup or lack of morals lie with the upbringing of a child, with the family and its own morals and consistencies. Computer games cannot be blamed for society’s general lack of understanding of how to tackle the issue of crime.

Granted, there are some very violent games on the market today, and personally, I tend not to favor them as much, and in most cases these games have age restrictions on them. Although this is supposed to prevent children from seeing or playing these games, there is no such check carried out if bought online, second hand, passed down from an older sibling or friend, and even many parents don’t check the labels in the first place.

As with anything in life, computer and video games have to be used in moderation, and anyone who becomes unhealthily absorbed or obsessed with a game is doing no good to themselves in any case – such an addiction needs to be identified and dealt with early. But just because some children enjoy spending an hour or so each day pretending to be an orc, or a secret agent, or a military leader, there is no reason to assume that they will eventually walk down the high street, completely brainwashed into believing that they really are orcs and that they need to purge the high street of humans. At least, if they do have those thoughts, the cause of the problem lies a lot deeper than in a video game.

Having Fun With Dress Up Games and Stick Figure Games

Imagine the ability to dress up any character, celebrity, or pet in any outfit you want! Imagine be able to play games like this for free. Well, they’re here! They’re called dress up games. In these games you can literally dress up anything, and they are becoming more popular every day. Dress up games are all over the Internet today.

Games of all types are constantly being developed and uploaded to the Internet. With today’s popular online games and developer’s wide range of game development you will literally be able to play any type of game you want. You name it, it’s there! Girls of all ages love to play games like these and express their creative side while dressing up their favorite celebrity or their favorite singer. They will have complete styling control over their real life idol and stress them the way they want to see them. In little girl’s eyes, believe it or not, dressing up their favorite person or animal is a dream come true. Dressing up your favorite celebrity isn’t that easy. You must be precise at choosing what dress to match with those pretty earrings she is going to wear to the ball. Go ahead and express your creative fashion side with dress up games.

In a world of free time you will find yourself bored on the Internet and wanting to play some free games. Sometimes in life, the best things are free. This is a true statement. Today all over the Internet are free games of all types. You can exclusively play the game of your choice right from your home computer. If you’re bored and work and have completed your daily tasks why not jump into some stick figure games. Games are becoming more advanced every day and most of them won’t even hurt your wallet. Flash games come with the Internet and are free to the public.

When you play free games such as stick figure games you are taking yourself out of the real world and putting yourself in a world of sticks and cheap graphics. Some of these games seem cheap to others, but to some they are a gold mine. When developers decide to create a game full of stick figures they must be creative with the way the game works and what it is about. They have to think of some way to make up for using stick figures as people and objects in the game. With games like these and so much creative work being put into them, it is hard not to be a part of it.