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Smell Features and Computer Hardware

Imagine computer hardware that put out a smell while you watched DVD, online movie, music video, or played a video game? All that is now possible and it is on its way as we speak, perhaps hitting the shelves by 2012 for those personal tech leading edge early adopters. Who knows maybe you are one, and this is intriguing to you. Well then, let’s discuss this new technology and some of its implications.

There was an interesting article recently in PC World in the Geek Tech section titled; “Smell-O-Vision Wafts Closer With New Research Project” by Elizabeth Fish published on June 20, 2011. The article said;

“Forget 3D HDTV; here comes smell-o-vision! Maybe. Researchers from the UCSD & Samsung’s (SAIT) have developed a smell-o-vision concept device, which could add another aspect of realism to what you watch on TV. In a proof of concept paper, researchers showed it is possible for 1,000s of smells using a ‘compact device’ that attached to the back of a screen or built into a cellphone. The team built the device in such a way that keeps costs and circuitry down to produce around 10,000 scents.”

That is rather interesting isn’t it? Yes, it is and recently I was discussing all this with a fellow think tanker, Troy LaClaire, and I laughed and said; okay, but then you’d need special smell-neutralizing kits to de-smell your house each month. He agreed and suggested that we invest in a home smell air-cleaning system and get on board for the great wave in a new industry? Well, that makes sense, may as well hedge your bet, and make even more money that’s funny.

Troy had suggested that the system would have to use smells that would dissipate quickly, and possibly include an “air neutralizer” cartridge that would work in tandem, that way you could clear out smells, so that they don’t overlap too much. Yes, that is a great point, and yes that’s a big problem with chemicals accumulating, and then there is the whole issue with the human immune system and smells, and accumulated combining chemicals.

Troy mentioned another challenge which could cause lawsuits for a computer hardware smell system, namely that there would be the possibility of the units causing seizure, as some can be set off by specific smells so you do not want it to be something that might cause a seizure, while on the flip side some are preceded by specific smell ‘auras’ – so you do not want to freak someone out.

Yes, this is a real issue, it’s something that must be considered, there are folks that have Real Problems with this. Maybe there could be a list of scents one could block-out, kind of like not accepting peanuts on an airliner if you are allergic. It appears there are still a few bugs to work out on this technology, but it will be our future. Please consider all this.

The Link Between Video Games and Obesity

I am sure by now that you are well aware that video games are some of the most popular activities with children. In fact not only children but adults of all ages play these games. However what you may not be aware of is the fact that there is a definite link between video games and obesity.

What are some of the reasons behind this theory?

• It is a sedentary activity: playing video games does not require much physical activity. In the old days kids did far more physical activities. They used to spend a large part of their day outside playing with friends. Now the scene has changed and they spend most of their free time playing video games. This means that you kid is taking far less exercise and burning less calories.

• It is all absorbing: Once you start to play a video game it is hard to put it down and do something else. You just get so absorbed into the game that time just flies and before you know it you have spent several hours just playing the game. This makes it difficult to focus on other activities.

• Takes a long time to complete: Games now a days are in fact designed to last longer and be more challenging so this just means that you are sitting for long periods of time, not taking any exercise.

• Encourages snacking: because gamers get caught up in the game they find it hard to break away and eat meals. This results in more snacking, usually on junk food and sodas. Because of this more calories are being taken in and less burned which results in weight gain.

What is the solution?

• Restrict timings: however unpopular it may be you have to set limits on how long your child can play video games or computer games. I used to do this with the TV when my children where small. They had a limited time for watching TV and then they had to go out and play. When you start this when a child is young they will get into the habit of playing for shorter periods.

• Offer more active play time: Get your child interested in some outside activities. Young children often like gardening or sports. Older children will often continue with sports. You can get them involved with the YMC or even activities at school.

• Do more family activities: family activities are good. You can take your family on hikes or cycling expeditions. Outings to the Zoo and other places involve quite a bit of walking and will get your child away from the video games for awhile. If all else fails you can take out a membership at a gym and exercise as a family unit.

There is certainly a link between video games and obesity. However as a responsible parent if you recognize this at an early age you will prevent a lot of problems in the future and can also prevent weight gain in your child. Your child will still enjoy their video games but will not be obsessed with them.

Homework Done in No Time With Kids Tables and Computer Desk

The main event in a kid’s bedroom is his bed but aside from that an important piece of furniture he needs to have is a table or computer desk as well. Nowadays, most kids are taught the value of using the computer and although computer games are what attract most kids to using the computer, its valuable function for their research and other school projects are also being done on the computer especially with every Tom Dick and Harry using this device both young and old.

When before computers are a luxury that most people cannot afford to have, now it’s a necessity especially if you want your child to do well in school. So when providing your child with his very own computer, you must also think of the place where they can place it on and by giving them a computer desk, they get to organize their room more.

Having this ideal piece as part of your kid’s bedroom furniture, you child can work well and comfortably and be able to finish all his school work in no time at all. It is somewhat common for kids to make plenty of excuses when doing their homework yet with their own space to do after school work, it lessens their reasons of putting off doing them and even offer then the incentive of having some extra time to play their computer games once they have all their homework done.

However it is best that you supervise their computer activities to avoid improper usage and to make sure they are really focusing on their homework and other school projects.