Play Video Games and Get Paid!

Most people don’t know that playing games can be a really good source for income. Game companies are testing their games before they release them to the market. This industry, with $60 billion in sales per year, is looking for gamers who detect bugs and other programming flaws in their games. Therefore those who are spending most of their time playing video games can consider to get a job as a game quality tester.

Testing their products before release is very important to companies, as customers can be dissatisfied if their newly bought games are full of errors. A game that has not been thoroughly tested can bring important losses at the scale of millions of dollars, and beyond this, the company’s reputation is at stake.

Senior game testers are paid about $30 per hour, but even a novice can start with $10. This type of work is flexible, so testers can choose to work part-time and they also can decide on their work schedules. Those interested must know hat this kind of job doesn’t require any formal preparation or work experience. The only requirement is the passion for playing computer games. Game testers are required to record the exact details of how they ran into bugs. This can be boring sometimes, as they are required to play one certain part again and again to discover and fix the bug.

If you want to become a game tester, you must first decide for whom would you like to work? Gaming platform and gaming experience is the key to this question: are you good in strategy, role playing or sports games? Answering this will narrow down your search options. The biggest companies in the gaming field are Sony (PlayStation), Microsoft (Xbox), Nintendo (Wii), and Electronic Arts for the PC. There are also lots of small or medium-sized companies that also hire game testers.

It is not very easy to say who can become a game tester. Over 90% of those who want to have a career in this field fail. A lot of things are required: first of all, you need a well-written resume, some programming experience and a contact in the game industry can be also helpful: this way you will know when a game testing position opens up. You will also need to be patient, as there is very little chance that you will be picked at first.

Above all, you will need a lot of passion for playing video games, and as you decide to apply for such a job, you must know that there are hundreds of applicants who had all of the above, but never succeeded to get their dream-job.